Made at the foot of the Wolkberg Mountains in South Africa

Hazel’s Harvest locally produce small batch soaps, beeswax balms and specialised skin creams which do not contain unnecessary, environmentally damaging or harmful chemicals, and are packaged using earth-friendly materials. Made with love and individual attention to quality, none are tested on animals and have been perfected over time by Hazel Roskelly herself.

Sausage Tree Creams

Made from a pure cold-extract of the Sausage Tree (Kigelia africana) fruit & combined with an Avocado oil-based cream containing no surfactants, parabens & palm-oil.

Beeswax Range

Our balms are made with raw beeswax, essential and pure vegetable oils including avocado and baobab, and contain no palm oil or any preservatives.

Handmade Soap

Our handcrafted soaps are made with raw beeswax, various pure vegetable and essential oils including avocado and baobab, and do not contain any colourants or preservatives.

Gift Packs

Perfect for corporate gifts, B&B’s and game lodges!

Bulk Packaged

Currently we offer the Sausage Tree Cream in a large 500ml pump bottle for the addicts!

Our Products

Here is an image selection of all of our products currently available. If you have a special request please contact us

I absolutely love your Sausage cream. It has helped my skin tremendously. Every time I put it on I feel like my body is thanking me!
Stephanie Pais
Your products are amazing! My husband and I love the healing effect it has on our skin. I came back from traveling and developed the weirdest rash on my neck, which started to spread very quickly. I used your Sausage Tree Cream at day and night for 3 days and the rash disappeared! My husband experiences bad eczema on his face and your product manages it so well!
Ursula Assmann
I’ve been using Hazel’s products for years and love it. My Dad prefers the sausage tree cream above all else to treat his solar keratosis!
Marilda Wiegand